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Additional Services
• apostille processing, document courier services, printing
documents, providing witnesses or courier services,
translation of document
• Inquire for specific needs and availability.
Apostille Service
• Apostille is a form of authentication issued for documents
for use in countries participating in the Hague Apostille
• It certifies the signature's authenticity and the capacity in
which the signer has acted and identifies the seal/stamp on
the document.
Cancellation Policy
• Cancellations w/out a 1-hour notice are subject to an $80
fee. Your deposit can be transferred to a rescheduled
appointment or fully refunded with proper notice. Please
note that our fee is non-refundable if we arrive and cannot
perform the notary service for any reason.

Document types we notarize
• We can notarize pretty much anything - The range of
documents includes but is not limited to:
1. Affidavits: Sworn statements made voluntarily in writing.
2. Contracts and Agreements: Business contracts, sales
agreements, and service contracts.
3. Real Estate Documents: Deeds of trust, mortgage
closing documents, and property transfers.
4. Estate Planning Documents: Including wills, trusts, and
power of attorney documents.
5. Financial Documents: Loan documents, bank forms,
promissory notes, and financial powers of attorney.
6. Medical Documents: Advanced directives and medical
power of attorney forms.
7. Consent Forms: Parental consent forms for minor
children, particularly for travel or medical treatment.
8. Vehicle and Property Transactions: Bills of sale, title
transfers for cars and boats.
9. Employment Documents: Employment contracts and I-9
employment eligibility verification forms.
10. Legal Documents: Court documents, subpoenas, and
11. Educational Documents: School permission slips,
transcripts, and other academic records.
12. Travel Documents: Permission to travel with minors and
other related documents.
13. Notarial Certificates and Acknowledgments:
Statements certifying the identity of the signer and the
authenticity of signatures.
14. Copy Certifications: Certifying that a copy of a
document is a true and accurate reproduction of the original.

• Travel fee starts at $65
• $15/ signature notarized
• Complete Loan signing package $150-$250 depending on
the number of pages, number of signers, location,
• Apostille
• With our mobile notary notarization, $225 for the first
document and $50 for each document after that
• Without our notary service, $150 for the first
document and $50 for each document after that
Foreign Language Documents
• Can notarize if the notary understands the document's
• Yes, there are translation services; the signer must
understand the document.
ID Requirement
• Valid, current government-issued photo ID required for all
signers, which include State driver's license or ID,
passport, military ID
No ID Cases
• NO VALID ID? They need two witnesses with valid IDs,
who are not beneficiaries of the document, to verify they
are who they say they are.
Notarization Process
• This involves identity verification, observing signing, and
applying the notary seal.
• Ensures the signer's willingness and understanding of the
Notary Credentials
• All notaries are state-certified, insured, and bonded.
• Regular training to stay current with laws and practices.
Operating Hours
• Open daily, including weekends and evenings.
• After-hours service is available under special

Preparation for Visit
• Documents should be complete but unsigned before
• Provide a clear area for the notarization process.
Rescheduling Policy:
• Appointments are set for 30 minutes. If you're running late,
we'll wait up to 30 minutes. Beyond that, an additional fee
may be applicable.
Response Time
• Aims for same-day service; varies based on location and
• Urgent requests are accommodated when possible.
RON Services
• We provide RON services per request.